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Francisco Goya

30.03.1746 – 16.04.1828

Spanish artist and engraver, one of the first and most prominent masters of fine art of the Romantic era.
In 2008, three drawings by Francisco Goya were sold for $7.9 million during the Christie's auction week.

Francisco Goya

Goya was a very fruitful artist, admitted by public even in his youth. His enormous hard work allowed him to work up to old age and, during his life, he left many excellent works. The accuracy of his portraits allows you to see the appearance of the Spanish nobility and the artist's view on a number of historical events.
Goya is distinguished by a bold artistic innovation in contrast to the supporters of academism. He had a constant interest in grotesque, the creation of etchings making fun of social and religious orders in society.

Francisco Goya was recognized by the high society for his talent and hard work all life long. He also constantly enjoyed the protection of the most noble families of Spain. Although he has got a superficial education, his fruitful work throughout his long life, the constant desire for knowledge and self-improvement were with him until his late age (despite illness), showing a clear example of the boundless diligence of a talented person.

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