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Igor Skaletsky

Igor Skaletsky

Igor Skaletsky was born in Voronezh in 1978. In 1990 he relocated to Israel. In 2008, he received a bachelor's degree from the Moscow State Academy of Arts. Personal exhibitions of the artist were held in Moscow, Paris, and Tel Aviv. Igor Skaletsky participated in art fairs in New York, Basel, Paris, and Moscow.

Skaletsky's collage technique is borrowed from avant-garde artists of 1920s. Typical for his artworks is sign saturation and recognizability of images. The artist masterfully mixes photography and painting, achieving the effect unattainable while using the pure traditional technique. In his collages you can easily recognize academic art that is mixed with modern images. Skaletsky's works refer to our visual habits, subtly addressing our subconscious.

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