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Pablo Picasso

25.10.1881 - 08.04.1973

In May 2015 the famous "Les Femmes d'Alger (version O)” by Picasso was sold at Christie's auction in New York for the record 179,365,000 dollars.

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga. He first studied painting with his father, then in the School of Fine Arts in La Coruna, Barcelona and Madrid.

Since 1904, Picasso almost constantly lives in Paris. His early significant works belong to the first decade of the XX century. Pictures of "blue period" are written in the gloomy tones of light blue, blue and green tones.

Works of "pink period" (1905-1906) are devoted to the theme of the tragic loneliness of the blind, beggars, vagrants, the romantic life of wandering comedians - "Old beggar with a boy", "Girl on the ball".

In 1907, Picasso created the painting "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon", which marked a break with the realist tradition and transition in the avant-garde camp. Passion for African sculpture led him to Cubism. Picasso breaks down the subject into its constituent geometric elements, transforming reality into a game of abstract components, as in "Lady with a Fan" and "Portrait of A. Vollard". Since the mid 10s of the XX century. Picasso began to experiment with textures, using in the works scraps of newspapers, parts of objects, pieces of musical instruments. Later in the works of Picasso there appeared neoclassical trends, reflected in such works as "The three women at the spring", "Mother and Child" and illustrations to the "Metamorphoses" of Ovid.

Since the second half of the 30s Picasso’s works were permeated by echoes of contemporary events. At this time a series of "Dream and Lie of Franco" was born. A monumental mural "Guernica" was an outcry against fascism. In the works of the postwar period, such as "Dove of Peace", panels "Peace" and "War"anti-war themes dominate.

Since the second half of the 40s Picasso creations became more diverse. The artist returned to ancient motifs, or a parody of the old masters, as well as works as a sculptor, ceramist and graphic artist.

For Picasso ceramics craft it was not - it has become another form of canvas for him. It was a game, and she grabbed it before the end of his life: once carried away, he continues to work with pottery before his death, Picasso is not satisfied with the form, which appeared on the potter's wheel. He did crimping. A form of vases out female figurines. Picasso appears in ceramics not only as a graphic artist, but also as a sculptor. It makes a lot of new things in the form of (new forms, relief, game texture) and colors (new color combinations, glazed surface is combined with matte). It's amazing: its brightness, inimitable personality. Many museums in the world have in the fund master creation.

In May 2015 the famous "Les Femmes d'Alger (version O)” by Picasso was sold at Christie's auction in New York for the record 179,365,000 dollars.

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