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Eve incurs God's displeasure
Artist Marc Chagall
1960 г.
Author lithograph
Размер 36,4 х 26 cm
Gallery Moscow

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Information about the artwork

From the series "Le Bible II", released in Verve Vol. 1, No. 37-38. Printed in Mourlot Frères, Paris; published by Revue, Verve, Paris. Cramer, 42. Particularity of Chagall's art lies in the fact that instead of a serial narrative he shows to us individual episodes and characters - inhabitants of heaven and spiritual leaders of the people. They are all shown in close up, generally, as a rule, without certain place and time. The artist's works are easy to naive in execution, as if they were drawn by a child, but with what primordial power these lines and spots are organized. The biblical theme was the leitmotif of the entire work of Marc Chagall. The Bible came alive, touched by his brush, the ancient texts blazed with new fire of rosen sacrament.

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Eve incurs God's displeasure Marc Chagall Eve incurs God's displeasure 1960
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