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«My life»

Marc Chagall

«My life»

November 10 – December 15


The price of admission: 30 shekels. Free admission for: enlisted Soliders in Uniform, visitors under the age of 18, pensioners, visitors with disabilities and the person accompanying them, students (with International Student Card).


The international Altmans Gallery in Tel Aviv presents an exhibition of the major international jewish artist Marc Chagall.

The exhibition is timed to the 130th anniversary of the artist. It is called «My life» and presents black and white as well as colored lithographs by Marc Chagall privately owned by the gallery. It will take place at the heart of Tel Aviv and will be open to the public for three weeks. «My life» will showcase more than 20 works in total, including rare prints «The Yellow Sun» 1968, «Chloe Dressed and Capped by Cleariste»1961, as well as unique signed monotype «Le Bouffon» 1965.

Marc Chagall was working in just about every artistic medium, including painting, stained glass works, theater and costume design, book illustration, etchings and lithographs, which the exhibition places. Marc Chagall discovered lithography for himself during the years of American emigration. In the late 1940s, in the workshop of the New York graphic artist Albert Kermen, he was the first who observed the process of printing from a stone. The first Chagall's experiment with lithography - amazingly beautiful compositions to Arabian tales «1001 night» - already have got a success.

The action of the lithographer, who fixes images on the stone, and then magically multiplies them, fascinated Chagall. Chagall was always able to convey striking images with a «vibrant atmosphere» using just a few colors. The technique of color lithography preserved everything that he cherished: an expression of creative idea, a sensual brightness of the palette.

Among the masters of XX century painting, Marc Chagall was not the only one who turned to lithography, but was one of the few who mastered it in perfection and used this printing technique as a way of self-expression and narration about his attitude to the universe.

It will present works from the collection of the gallery, some of which were never exhibited in Israel before. For the first time within the framework of one exhibition visitors would be able to see Chagall's prints from his famous «Biblical series», as well as antique subjects, works dedicated to Paris, his beloved adopted city, Vitebsk, his hometown, and the childhood memories of the artist.

The exhibition will take place at the heart of Tel Aviv and will be open to the public from 10 November to 1 December.

Part of the funds will be donated to the Tel Aviv Foundation. The Tel Aviv Foundation is a partnership between the Tel Aviv Municipality and donors from Israel and around the world working together to meet the evolving needs of the City of Tel Aviv-Yafo. The Foundation has established more than 800 projects and raised over $700 million worldwide. In doing so, the Foundation touches the lives of more than 500,000 people every year. Since its inception, the Foundation has generated momentum and proudly serves as a beacon of progress, elevating the City’s quality of life through education, the arts, sports, social services, the environment and innovative urban projects.


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