Marc Chagall


27 September – 5 November


The price of admission: 300 rubles

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Altmans Gallery Moscow presents the most romantic exhibition of this autumn, dedicated to love, tenderness and fidelity.

"Everything can be changed in life and in art, and everything will change when we get rid of shame by saying the word" love ". That is what real art is! That's all my skill and my whole religion, "- said Marc Chagall about his work. It is no coincidence that the main theme of the exhibition is love, romance, tenderness and loyalty, which permeated the work of Marc Chagall.

The name of the exhibition echoes with the artists main series of paintings "Lovers" of 1914-1917, revealing the essence of the great feeling in different color schemes.

Over the course of a month and a half, more than two dozen works can be seen in the gallery, including colorful and black and white lithographs of the artist from the galleries collection. "Lovers with the Red Sun" will be a centre piece of the whole exhibition. The color component of lithography, like in other works of Chagall, does not imitate the real coloring of things, but creates an emotional atmosphere, the impression of a festive uplift of what is happening over empirical reality.

The design of the exhibition was prepared by Julia Napolova, the architect and the founder of Bureau P.S. Cultural, whose concept of the exhibition "Lovers" was inspired by the interior of the artist's studio. The theme of carpets on walls and floors, lamps in lampshades on the ceiling, reveals the atmosphere of the artist's home life, inseparable from his creativity. The cozy, intimate atmosphere of the place, where the artist worked, helps to feel his understanding of the theme of love and tenderness to which the exhibition is devoted.


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