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Salvador Dalí


25.03.2020 - 25.05.2020


10.00 - 21.00

The price of admission: 300 RUB

Address 4.1, Romanov pereulok, Russia, Moscow

Do you think that original works of Dali can only decorate the permanent expositions of museums and delight visitors at temporary exhibitions? Altmans Gallery knows how to make you happy every day! Especially for those who fell in love with the works of Salvador Dali presented at the Manege, and for those who have long been fans of the talent of the recognized Spanish genius, the gallery presents the exhibition and sale of graphics "Salvador Dali. Surreal Love".

The gallery will present more than 50 graphic works from different series. In addition to the original lithographs the exhibition will be supplemented by 3 sculptures - recognizable images, which perfectly embodies the author's style of Dali.

The exhibition "Salvador Dali. Surreal Love" presents 2 works from the series of color lithographs "Signs of the Zodiac». 12 Signs and Images of the Zodiac Circle were created by the artist in 1967. Each lithograph is signed and numbered.
Altmans Gallery will also present a series of "Neuf Paysages" - nine surrealistic landscapes made in the technique of color aquatint - a type of etching, which allows to convey in the work the tonal fill similar to the watercolor manner.
The gallery will show a collection of works from the "Divine Comedy" series, which visitors could see in the Manege, but everything presented at the Romanov Yard will be available for purchase. Dali's illustrations for The Divine Comedy are recognized as the pinnacle of the artist's skill in the field of book graphics. In 1951 Salvador Dali was commissioned by the Italian government to create a series of illustrations for the famous work of Dante Alighieri and to produce engravings on their basis. Over several years, the artist painted 100 watercolors, one for each of the 100 songs of the Comedy, interpreting the subjects in his own way.
The engravings were created in the technique of woodcutting: 3,500 wooden blocks-carriers of the image were cut out for this purpose. The labor-intensive work of engraving took more than 4 years. Dali himself admitted that he considers this project one of the most important in his career.

The exhibition "Salvador Dali. Surreal Love" will also present rare signed etchings from the limited edition series "Tristan and Isolde", "culinary" works of the artist from the series "Gala dinners" and the famous "comments" by Dali to the works of Francisco Goya "Caprichos".

Thus, the gallery will show both the already beloved series by Salvador Dali, and new works not presented before.

The works of the famous Spanish surrealist painter presented in Altmans Gallery can become not only a competent investment and a worthy decoration of an interior, but also a perfect gift for a dear person, business partner, manager, or an important client.

Originality of the works presented is confirmed by a certificate of authenticity.

Date: March 25 - May 25, 2020
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