About the Gallery

Welcome to the international gallery of the first names Altmans Gallery. This boutique - gallery was created for art connoisseurs in Israel, Russia and the rest of the world, and presents outstanding painters and graphic artists.

The gallery specializes on lithographs and engravings – masterpieces of world classics, creations of old masters, modernists and representatives of post-war art, works of contemporary russiаn painters and graphic artists as well as ceramics, porcelain and sculpture. In our gallery you will see only the first names – Matisse, Dali, Picasso, Chagall, Warhol – exclusively originals with transparent provenance and history.

About the Owners

Yegor Altman

Egor Altman is the founder and co-owner of Altmans Gallery which operates in Tel Aviv and Moscow. Chairman of the Public Council of the Russian Jewish Congress (RJC) - the leading Jewish secular organization in Russia. The President of the Foundation of Artistic heritage of Igor Vulokh. Producer and author of art projects in the field of contemporary art. The President of AltCommunicationGroup advertising agency. A leading Russian media manager, and one of the founders of Business FM radio station. In 2008, Egor Altman initiated a great exhibition, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of his stepfather - a classic Russian abstractionist Igor Vulokh. The exhibition took place in the ART4.RU museum, with 120 paintings and graphic sheets presented.

In 2013, with the active participation of Altman, a retrospective exhibition of Vulokh opened in Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art. Between 2010 - 2013 Egor Altman fulfilled the execution of a series of porcelain, painted after sketches by Igor Vulokh. With the support of Altman, the Russian-Jewish artist Michail Grobman and the artist Natalya Khlebtsevich, created a series of plates with paintings inspired by the second wave of the avant-garde. In 2013, Altman, together with Vulokh's family, founded the Foundation of the Heritage of Igor Vulokh, which supports and develops projects dedicated to the life and work of the master. Together with collectors and in collaboration with major world museums and galleries, the Foundation regularly organizes exhibitions of works by iconic abstractionist.

Egor Altman loves the phaleristic study and lives the contemporary art.

Christine Altman Christine Altman

Kristina Altman is the founder and co-owner of Altmans Gallery. Vice-president of the advertising agency AltCommunicationGroup. At various times, along with her husband Egor Altman she worked on several art projects. In 2011 Kristina produced the photography exhibition of Igor Gandzhi "For Life" in the Moscow House of Photography (now Multimedia Art Museum). Actively participates in issue of art porcelain collections. Was the executive producer of the exhibition of Marc Chagall "My Life" and an anniversary exhibition of Yury Norstein "The artist paints the film - Yarbusova and Norstein", which took place in Altmans Gallery in 2016. Egor and Kristina, both are active and engaged in charity work. One of those projects was a charity auction of works by Marc Chagall and the russian musician Andrey Makarevich, which took place within Marc Chagall's exhibition "My Life". The charity auction was organized in cooperation with the Russian Jewish Congress. Kristina is an enthusiastic collector of dolls created by artists.

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