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Exhibition "VITAMIN 3D"

David Gerstein

Exhibition "VITAMIN 3D"

February 20 - March 20, 2020


The price of admission: FREE

Address 4.1, Romanov pereulok, Russia, Moscow Business center "Romanov Dvor"

Altmans Gallery brings "Vitamin 3D" to Russia!
"Sunny" sculptures by Israeli artist David Gerstein

Down with winter moping! On February 20th flowers will bloom, butterflies will flutter and the sun will shine in the very heart of Moscow, in "Romanov Dvor" business center. All thanks to the internationally renowned artist David Gerstein: his bright works will transform the gallery space, and the exhibition with a telling title "Vitamin 3D" will charge you with energy! The exposition will present 25 works made in a unique technique at the junction of two types of art - painting and sculpture. "Paintings out of the frame and given a new living space" - this is the definition of Gerstein's unusual works given by American critics. The artist himself compares his work to... fruit: "Whoever tastes a fruit always knows that it contains vitamins. Well, my works have those very vitamins in them.
The "useful" sculptures will arrive to Moscow straight from the "Hill of Spring," which is how, according to one version, the name of Tel Aviv is translated.

For the duration of the exhibition, the new Altmans Gallery venue in the prestigious Romanov Dvor business center will turn into a real oasis amidst the stone jungle: postmodernist David Gerstein, revising European traditions and reinterpreting in his own way American pop-culture stories, offers the viewer an plunge into a world full of light, freedom and serenity. Multicolor compositions destroy the boundaries between the viewer and the sculpture - the colors seem to go beyond the work, enlivening the space around.

The exhibition "Vitamin 3D" at Altmans Gallery will be David Gerstein's first large-scale exhibition in Moscow. Today David Gerstein is one of the most sought-after Israeli artists whose name is known worldwide: Gerstein's works are represented in major international galleries, the artist has more than 20 solo exhibitions on his account. Gerstein tried himself in painting, graphics, sculpture, but found his own, unique style in the unusual combination of these different types of art. Simple real objects thanks to their peculiar forms and unusually bright colors appear in a completely new way, allowing you to fully feel the mood of the author, plunge into the world of his ideas.

Gerstein's works are well known all over the world not only to art lovers visiting exhibitions and enlarging their collections, but also to many people who get acquainted with Gerstein's colorful sculptures right in the city streets, finding themselves among the author's spectacular installations. One of them, the 18-meter sculpture Moment, the tallest in Singapore, brings the city's business district to life with its colorfulness. The multitude of brightly colored figures, moving in a spiral, is a symbol of endless movement, illustrating the idea of progress, connection of time and generations. Original works of the Israeli artist, made of steel and hand-painted in saturated colors, attract the eyes and always give a good mood. Just as the city is transformed thanks to David Gerstein's colorful installations, the interiors of private homes, decorated with the author's wall sculptures, come to life anew, delighting the eye with their bright colors and giving "vitamin" charge of vivacity every day.

Works by David Gerstein, made in a single copy, are exclusively represented in Russia in Altmans Gallery.

Exhibition "Vitamin 3D"
February 20 - March 20, 2020.
Altmans Gallery
Romanov Dvor, 4 Romanov per.
Basement level (next to Correa's restaurant).

The event is held with the support of the Embassy of Israel.
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