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December 18 - December 26, 2020
Kulturologist Maria Savchenko will hold a lecture devoted to interesting facts from the life of Henri Matisse and will talk about how the artist used to illustrate books. At the lecture you will learn who Henri Matisse was, and what an "artist's book" is, and what connects the author with linoleum, stone and wood, as well as other little-known facts from his biography.

The online lecture will be held December 26 at 12:00 on ZOOM.
March 5, 2021 - June 2, 2021
The exhibition "Paris for Insiders" gives the viewer an opportunity to look at this beautiful city through the eyes of artists, for whom it has become a place of creative search and a source of inspiration.
April 1, 2021
Why has Pablo Picasso held the top spot in the ranking of the most expensive artists in the world for so many years? At the lecture "Pablo Picasso. Artist and the Art Market" we will answer these and other questions about the place of the artist in the art market.
March 25 - May 25, 2020
Do you think that original works of Dali can only decorate the permanent expositions of museums and delight visitors at temporary exhibitions? Altmans Gallery knows how to make you happy every day! Especially for those who fell in love with the works of Salvador Dali presented at the Manege, and for those who have long been fans of the talent of the recognized Spanish genius, the gallery presents the exhibition and sale of graphics "Salvador Dali. Surreal Love".
February 20 - March 20, 2020
Bright works will transform the gallery space, and the exhibition with a telling name "Vitamin 3D" will give you energy! The exhibition will present 25 works made in a unique technique at the junction of two types of art - painting and sculpture. "Paintings out of the frame and given a new living space" - this is the definition of Gerstein's unusual works given by American critics. The artist himself compares his work to... fruit: "Anyone who tastes a fruit always knows that it contains vitamins. Well, my works have those very vitamins in them."
October 18 - December 5, 2019
Dates: October 18 - December 5, 2019
Venue: Altmans Gallery
("Novinsky", 2nd floor, 31 Novinsky Blvd.)
Ticket price: 300 rubles.
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